Choosing or changing a career is an important decision that will greatly shape one's lifestyle. For many, starting a career or changing careers can be a stressful event. It may be made more difficult because of the tough economic times we are experiencing. A good therapist, particularly one with a specialty in career counseling can help make the choices easier. At Impact Counseling, Coaching & Consulting we view career coaching as a very focused and structured personal counseling session. We have trained professionals who understand that finding your purpose and calling, as well as finding a career and locating a job can positively or negatively affect your financial, physical and mental health.

Our career coaching sessions provide the client with the job searching services that are needed to get a job. Examples of these services include career planning, using networking, the Internet and other modes to search and locate a job. Additionally, we provide clients with resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and other relevant job hunting services.

Our coaches are trained to help the client find their purpose and calling, and to understand how to balance all of their life roles while flourishing in life. We focus on helping clients identify their gifts, talents and calling in order to find the vocation that is designed for their specific needs during this season of their life.

Below, you will find a general career-coaching package, divided into three sessions. This general outline can be customized to fit the needs of the client.  

Session One:

The first session focuses on gaining an understanding of the client’s vocational story from the beginning. The coach will facilitate discussions about the client’s career aspirations, goals, and dreams. In this initial session, the client and the coach will develop an initial plan to achieve the goals discussed. At the end of this first session, the client will be provided with information and assigned tasks that are designed to help them begin the journey of discovering how to achieve their purpose and their financial and career goals. One of the assignments is to complete 1 to 3 online career assessments (depending on the needs/desire of the client) in order to gain a better understanding of the client’s strengths, interests, and personality.

Questions and topics that may be explored in the first session may include the following.  

·      What do I enjoy doing?

·      What kinds of activities are fun and fulfilling for me?

·      What am I good at?

·      What is my skill set?

·      What things do I not like doing?

·      What qualifications do I have, such as a degree or experience?

·      How much money do I think I need to make to feel satisfied?

·      What jobs are available in the place(s) I’d like to live?

·      Do I want to travel?

·      What are my values?

·      Is it important to me to be of service to others or am I simply interested in a decent living?

·      Do I desire fame?

·      Am I looking for intensely challenging work or something relatively easy?

·      Am I willing to do what others tell me without questioning or would I rather make most decisions on my own?

·      To what degree do I need stability and security?

Session Two:

In the second session, the client will be presented with the results of the online career assessment(s) they completed. This will allow the coach and the client to determine how the client can use their skills inside and outside of the work place in order to realize their life purpose.  More importantly, the results of these assessments will help the client to discuss at length how they would like to pursue their calling. This calling may be realized in terms of work or outside of their work life.

Session Three:

In the final session, the client will be provided with more information about the direction, goals, objectives, career or profession that they may want to pursue. The client will walk away from this last session with a comprehensive personalized career plan that outlines the their strength areas, skills and personality traits, as well as a comprehensive plan of action that addresses both the career and calling of the client.

This basic package can be adapted to fit the needs of the client. If the client desires job seeking skills only such as resume and cover letter critique, acquiring job search skills, or a career or personality assessment, these services can be offered individually. Likewise, if the client would like more of a personal career counseling session to discover their purpose, calling, gifts and talents without necessarily focusing on a job or career, that too can be provided. In other words, whatever the client desires, the coaches and mental health counselors are trained and experienced to provide those services.