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Has your child suffered trauma or transition? Do they have suggested or diagnosed anxiety, depression, attention, behavioral, or learning issues? We meet with parents for three to four sessions for assessment, and we partner with you to address challenges with your child to restore family balance, health, and happiness. 


The teenage years are challenging for children as well as for parents. Normal developmental conflicts as well as trauma and change need not be roadblocks to the future, but stepping stones toward adulthood with parents as guides. 


Change, anxiety, depression, fears, relationships, career, parenting, grief and loss, are examples of the many issues that we have to deal with as adults. Establishing a trusting relationship to explore and resolve these and other issues reduce these problems and restore the body, mind, and spirit. 


Communication, trust, finances and parenting are examples of the many issues that can cause relationship issues. An objective and experienced observer who is licensed can empower couples to grow, become friends again, and trust.


Restoring balance and functioning with appropriate boundaries and roles to support healthy relationships and parenting through challenge and transition. Joining with the family to identify strengths, culture, and communication. 


Facilitating support and self-help groups facing common concerns for mutual aide.


We can develop a contract for independent consultation or collaboration with your agency or company.