We offer several court approved classes and evaluations that have the potential to improve the outcome of your case. We often try to do group sessions for the classes, but will conduct them individually if there are not enough attendees. We are able to take most insurances for the classes, including Medicaid. If you need to take other court ordered classes, or would like to start mental health counseling we have Licensed Mental Health Counselors who can provide those services as well.

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Psychologist Session


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Were you charged with a shoplifting or theft related charge?

We can potentially help you avoid jail-time, probation, and additional fines through enrollment in our Shoplifting & Theft Prevention Class.

By completing our court approved class, you will be able to show the judge that you take this charge seriously and you are proactive in getting this matter resolved as fast as possible.

Here at the Impact Counseling and Coaching, LLC we provide engaging, interactive, and effective court approved shoplifting prevention classes to clients that have been accused of theft or shoplifting. This is
a live instructor led course and we dive-deep into why people shoplift and steal. We also expose the underlining issues that may cause kleptomania or compulsive stealing. We also offer solutions that our clients can use immediately after leaving class.

This class educates parents on the developmental stages of childhood, and the effect of environmental factors on their child’s development. The
class also examines parenting styles and practices. Parents receive
concrete strategies for establishing appropriate and realistic expectations;
responding to and managing their child’s needs and behaviors; and
developing norms for healthy family communication and teamwork.

The goal for these classes is to help you as the parent to know what to
expect as your child ages as far as developmental stages and behaviors and to anticipate and respond in appropriate ways to better your child and their future as well as your family life right now.

If you are struggling with any form of addiction or substance abuse issues we can help. We have a team of trained experts ready to help you overcome whatever situation you are facing. Our team will evaluate your personal history and identify key aspects relevant to your current situation. We will equip you with the tools to manage your relationship with substances and succeed going forward. You will not be judged here, but rather encouraged in a welcoming environment that is open to listening to all struggles. Don't face substance abuse issues alone, let us help.

Mental Health Evaluations are available by appointment only. The evaluations are conducted by one of our licensed counselors and will be a holistic assessment of your mental health and include recommendations for improving it. We evaluate every aspect of life that could be affecting your mental health such as personal history, work environment, and interpersonal relationships. Your counselor will discuss their evaluation, analysis, and recommendations in detail with you so you are empowered to take control of your mental health and move towards a brighter and healthier future.

Alcohol & Drug Evaluations are available by appointment only. The evaluation is a 45-60 minute consultation that determines if you need alcohol or drug treatment, and if you do, how much you need. We evaluate personal history, work history, attitude, emotional stability, criminal history and alcohol/drug use through personal interview and assessment tools. Your counselor will discuss the results of the evaluation with you, and based on the findings, recommend a course of action.

We offer Anger Management classes using the Choice-Based Anger Control Model.

If you have been required to take an anger management class for court or probation, look no further. We understand that, while you may not have an anger problem, you might need to learn new ways of managing your anger. Anger is a natural emotion; nobody should ever feel bad about experiencing it, but we want to ensure that you have all the tools to prevent a violence, understand triggers, and avoid anger when possible. Our Certified Anger Management Specialists are educated in different ways to deal with anger outbursts and violent behavior. We offer anger management classes regularly as a group
and individually.